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Links from Tuesday 6/6/2017 & Revisions

Good Wednesday morning, everyone. I've undertaken a project to revitalize, revise, and otherwise rejuvenate about 20 books from my backlist to which the rights have reverted back to me. One-by-one, I've been getting them up on and available once again after a bit of languishing in my publishers' warehouses. That means I've been doing… Continue reading Links from Tuesday 6/6/2017 & Revisions

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Links from Monday, 6/5/2017 & Saggy Middles

It's Tuesday morning and a gray, gloomy day at my house. I hope it's better weather where you are.  I came across some interesting articles on writing, publishing and creativity on Monday and I shared them on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you didn't see them on one of those social media outlets, I've gathered them… Continue reading Links from Monday, 6/5/2017 & Saggy Middles

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Twitter Wisdom from Friday — 04/07/2017

Just finished up with another editing job and have space open for another client or two if you're interested in getting help with your manuscript. I've been editing my own books and books for other writers for more than two decades. If you're interested, check out my Manuscript Evaluations page for more information. In the… Continue reading Twitter Wisdom from Friday — 04/07/2017


It’s All About the Reader

I'm up to my eyeballs in books and manuscripts I'm judging for contests, which is great. There's nothing like contest season to reinforce the things you know as a writer and help you remember things you don't want to do in your own books. I want every book or manuscript I pick up to be a… Continue reading It’s All About the Reader

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Dialogue: Doing Double Duty

One of the most powerful things dialogue can be used for in our manuscripts is revealing character. The words a person uses and the way she chooses to phrase them says a lot about her as a person. From just a few lines of dialogue we can learn a lot about the person we're talking… Continue reading Dialogue: Doing Double Duty