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Wednesday’s Twitter Wisdom – 03/29/2017

Brown 07 smallWednesday was a good day on Twitter. It was hard to confine myself to just a few articles and blog posts. But here they are:

I still have a few openings for editing/critiquing clients, so give me a shout if you’re interested in grabbing a spot.

From the Self-Publishing Advice Center: A Good Book Is A Team Effort: Getting help w/your Self-Publishing Journey: Jay Artale

From the blog of paranormal author Jami Gold: Guest Jeff Lyons discusses What’s “High Concept” & How Can I Create It?

Jane Friedman asks Should You Submit Your Work to Agents or Editors? — a good question in today’s self-publishing world.

On Argh, Ink, Jennifer Crusie discusses Double Scene Sequence.

Author Jody Hedlund gives writers 5 Reasons Why Your Plot Stalled.

From Become a Writer Today, Ireland’s Bryan Collins offers 7 Common Writing Mistakes That Will Stop You Finishing Your Book.

And I was thinking a lot about emotion. My bit of writing wisdom for the day?

As writers, we can’t afford to assume anything, including how a reader will react to something emotionally. There is no default emotion, and the emotion you don’t write does not exist for the reader.

That’s it for me. Have a productive day!


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