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Thursday’s Tweets — 03/30/2017

I’ve collected all my writing tweets from Thursday so I can share them with you here. You can also find them by following @SherryLewis on Twitter.

From Kobo Writing Life: 5 Tips on How to Make Your Writing Process Feel Like a Game.

From Kristen Lamb: The Novel That Isn’t a Novel–Do You Really Have a Story?  It’s a good question. Not every idea that flies through a writer’s head is story-worthy.

Guest blogger, Elaine Calloway, an Amazon bestselling author, talks about Embracing the Paranormal Path on Lauren Sapala’s blog.

C.S. Lakin takes a hard look at Diet and Exercise for the Super-Productive Writer on her blog, Live, Write, Thrive. Apparently, Peanut M&Ms and Thin Mints aren’t approved.

Pamela Hodges shares ideas on How to Edit Your Story Like a New York Publisher on The Write Practice.

Mythic Scribes offers us a chance to hear from C.S. Lakin about Finding Success as a Novelist.

As for me, I was thinking about author intrusion. My bit of writerly wisdom for the day is this:

Nobody likes a preachy novel, no matter what the genre. Whether you’re trying to convert the masses or prove a political point, your agenda will feel unnatural and preachy if it makes it onto the page of your novel. Avoid taking the moral high ground to prove a point.

That’s it for me. Go. Write great things!


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