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Twitter Wisdom from Friday — 04/07/2017

Just finished up with another editing job and have space open for another client or two if you’re interested in getting help with your manuscript. I’ve been editing my own books and books for other writers for more than two decades. If you’re interested, check out my Manuscript Evaluations page for more information.

In the Twitterverse on Friday, I tweeted these writing links from my @SherryLewis profile.

Over at Women Writers, Women’s Books, Michelle Cox discusses The Unexpected Twist, and Other Delights of Writing Mystery.

An article first posted on Write it Sideways last April gives us 3 Tips for Meeting Your Writing Deadlines,

Because I’ve worked with so many writers who start out this way over the years, I shared Laura Tong;s story from Write to Done: How I Went From Scared Witless to Being a Published Author. Here’s a secret: most of us are scared witless in the beginning.

Do you fear you may be the only one out there struggling with a feeling if isolation and loneliness? The good news is, you’re not alone. Write On Sisters talks about these two common writer struggles.

From Writer’s Digest: 5 Elements All Urban Fantasy Novels Must Have

On Writers and Authors, guest blogger Samuel Marquis writes: Only One Reason to Write Suspense Novels: To Spin A Great Yarn

So thWriting Pub Domain smallere’s some inspiration. Now go…write great things!


1 thought on “Twitter Wisdom from Friday — 04/07/2017”

  1. Thanks for sharing my WriteOnSisters post. That definitely helped combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness! 🙂


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