writingSince 1993, Dancing on Coals has offered a series of on-line and in-person workshops and master classes dedicated to helping writers hone the tools they need to write a novel that stands out from the crowd.We are dedicated to helping writers discover that they can achieve things in their writing they previously thought impossible–like dancing across hot coals with joy and abandon.

We offer manuscript evaluation services and mentoring for writers, and we’re making our entire How-To Series of books on writing available for download on Kindle.

The site is the brainchild of Sherry Lewis, an award-winning, national bestselling career writer with more than 40 published books to her credit. Her books include traditional mystery, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and time travel romance. A long-time member of Romance Writers of America, Sherry is a frequent judge on the writing contest circuit and enjoys speaking to writing groups. She has taught writing classes for over two decades and is well-known for her in-depth manuscript evaluations.

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