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Wednesday’s Twitter Wisdom — 05/31/2017

Twitter wisdom from Wednesday, May 31. It was a rough day on the Internet for me. Not sure if my computer was giving me problems, or if it was my home network, or a storm brewing to the west, but it was a day full of starts and stops for me. Hope yours was better!

While clicking around looking for something else, I came across Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments of Writing and His Daily Creative Routine on Brain Pickings.  I can’t say they’d all work for me, but some of them I love.

It’s easy to write a chapter of a novel. But it’s hard to carry a story across 50,000 or 100,000 words. Fiction Notes talks about getting a Drone’s Eye View of Your Manuscript.

Janice Hardy of Fiction University shared a look back at her post Breaking the Rules of Writing. Always good for a refresher.

G.G. Andrew talks about romance tropes and takes on the ever-popular Secret Baby in Romance Trope Tuesday: Secret Baby

It’s a sad fact, but true, that if you’re going to be a writer for very long, you’re going to run into hard times. Go Teen Writers shares thoughts on How to Deal With Hard Seasons as a Writer

Grammar Girl shares 3 Tips for Creating Sentences with Punch.

Techniques of the Selling
What my cover looks like, but my copy is old. Your will undoubtedly be different.

I was thinking about using scene and sequel structure as defined by Dwight Swain in his book Techniques of the Selling Writer.

Before I learned how to structure a scene (with the goal of making it appear unstructured, of course) I write off into the mist and lost myself time after time. It was only learning to respect the structure of a story and its parts that finally got me to the finish line. I highly recommend at least trying it if you haven’t already.

If you don’t want to read Swain’s book, you could always try my take on it: Mastering Scene & Sequel, available for your Kindle.

Now go…write something! 


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