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Thursday’s Twitter Wisdom – 04/06/2017

Good morning. It’s Friday already and though I skipped a day due to family stuff, I’m back with Tursday’s tweets on writing.

7 Writers weigh in on the question: Is an MFA in Creative Writing Worthwhile? on The Write Life

The Write Practice asks Is It Okay To End A Sentence With A Preposition?

In an article from February, Rachel Carrington discusses Necessary vs. unnecessary action in fiction in The Writer,

Kim Hooper shares thoughts about Writing in the age of distraction on her Fiction Writing Blog  #writinglife

On Writer’s Fun Zone, Kay Keppler shares 7 Tips for Paragraph Revision: Getting the Details Right

Karen Marston explores the question: How Much Description is TOO Much? on Untamed Writing

Books 01 Unsplash smallI was thinking about writing mystery and the art and craft involved in working with clues and red herrings. While it’s true that these are skills we all need if we write mystery, every book is a mystery of sorts and it’s our job as writers to plant the clues in plain sight while misdirecting the reader’s attention until the moment is just right to reveal the truth.

Now go … write stuff!



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