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Tuesday’s Twitter Wisdom – 04/04/2017

Good morning all! Here we go with yesterday’s tweets from my author Twitter account @SherryLewis, plus my own thoughts on today’s topic: revising your novel.

Author Jean Fisher offers 7 Ohline Tools for Improving Your Writing, all free, none requiring a download.

Brianna da Silva shares tips for How to Conquer the Fear of Failure on the StoryPort blog.

Lee Lofland offers some good insight into characters with 10 Ways to Stop Embarrassing the Hero of Your Story on The Graveyard Shift

Larry Brooks warns us that “What if?” can be seductive words in a potentially toxic way. Check out When “What If?: Isn’t Enough on The Kill Zone.

The Wise Ink blog offers writers 6 Tips to Help You Get Started on Your Book.

Edie Melson offers some thoughts on Social Media on The Write Conversation with Social Media TMI—Finding Balance Between Professional & Personal Online

Typewriter 02 Unsplash smallI was thinking about revisions–a part of writing some people love, some people hate, and some people avoid entirely. For me, revisions are where the magic happens. It’s the stage where I get to take all the seemingly disconnected thoughts and ideas that have occurred to me during the writing and make them work. I’ll revise as many times as it takes for the work to flow smoothly, for all the logic flaws to be fixed, the motivation and conflict clear and strong. It’s the time when your internal editor (that much-maligned but necessary part of your writer’s persona) gets to shine. Don’t skimp on revisions, but know when to stop. It’s also possible to revise the life out of the story completely.

Now go … write stuff. Be productive.


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